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Actor’s Show-reels - Custom Made Shoot

02 October 2023

Another enjoyable custom made show-reel shoot for actors.

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Short Films - "I, Plinius" - Best Super Short Film

09 September 2023 Short Films

Really happy to share that our short sci-fi thriller "I, Plinius" won Best Super Short Film at the London Movie Awards earlier this week.

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Short Films - "I, Plinius" - Best Sci-Fi Film Award

02 September 2023 Short Films

Very happy to share that our short thriller "I, Plinius" won Best Sci-Fi Film at the 1st Monthly Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Actor Show-reels - September Show-reels

01 September 2023 Promotional Videos

* * * September Show-reels Are Back * * * 10% DISCOUNT ON ACTOR SHOW-REELS FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER

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Short Films - "A Second Chance" - Our latest short drama is now wrapped!

26 July 2023 Short Films

Wonderful to be back behind the camera once again on our latest short film drama, "A Second Chance".

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Oak Tree Productions - AdoptTheWorld

02 June 2023

Productive morning cleaning up litter from our local forest (Thistle Wood) as a member of Plastic Busters’ AdoptTheWorld initiative.

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Actors Show-reels - Easter Weekend

10 April 2023

Great time over the Easter weekend filming another custom made acting show-reel for a very talented up-and-coming American actress.

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Actors Show-reels - The Purrple Cat Café

20 March 2023

Had an amazing time over the weekend filming a custom made show-reel for another talented actor, but this time a bit different in the form of the Purrple Cat Café in Glasgow. Feline good!!

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Documentary Films - River Peffery Re-Meandering Project

18 January 2023 Documentary Films

Delighted to deliver post-production documentary services on the truly inspiring River Peffery Re-Meandering Project on behalf of Lockett Agri-Environmental.

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Short Films - "I, Plinius" - Big Fridge International Film Festival

21 December 2022 Short Films

Over the moon (in more ways than one) to share that "I, Plinius" was both awarded Best Sci-Fi Film and Semi-Finalist for Best Film Score at the Big Fridge International Film Festival in London last night.

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