One Night in Flanders

To mark the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice on 11/11/18, we are both delighted and humbled to share with you the short film promotional film for "One Night in Flanders".


One Night in Flanders - Short Film Promotional Trailer

We hope you enjoy watching our short film, in honour of the millions of military and civilian personnel who either lost their lives or sustained injuries (both physical and psychological) during World War I.


The film can be viewed below on either Vimeo or You Tube - please try to watch on 1080p HD if possible.


If you like it, please spread the word and share our video with as many friends and family as you can - so we can in turn build enough interest to complete the series in its entirety later this year.


Many thanks for your time!


One Night in Flanders – Promotional Film (Vimeo)


One Night in Flanders – Promotional Film (You Tube)


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