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"Good Intentions" (2014) and "Good Intentions: Special Edition" (2016)


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A huge thanks to all the production team, cast, crew, post-production team, supporting artists, bands, crowd-funding sponsors, location owners and film-making organisations for their invaluable contribution and support.


"Good Intentions" (2014) - Trailer


"Good Intentions: Special Edition" (2016) - Trailer



The story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary dream, to make a difference before it's too late. Josh Smith decides to do something more with his life, and becomes an active participant within the Scottish environmental movement. Forming a relationship with a feisty environmentalist called Zara, his life soon becomes an exciting eco-political drama spanning over a decade...

Production Team

Writer & Director: Paul Darroch

Producers: Paul Darroch, Jody Jameson, Brendon McIlroy, Neil Meffan


Main Cast

Josh: Jamie Scott Gordon

Zara: Sharon Osdin     

Jake: Neil Francis                                                                                                       

Mandy: Mary-Jo Hastie

Charlie: Simon McCay

Christine: Deborah Whyte

Mike Phillips: Owen Gorman

Clara: Elaine McKenzie Ellis

Findlay: Mark Coleman

Sasha: Wendy Barrett

Ronnie McIntosh: John McQuiston

Elizabeth Hoffman-Jones: Liz McFarlane-Davie



Cinematography: Alan McDarragh

Locations: Daryl Cockburn

Sound: Alistair Biggar

Production Design: Annette Whitelaw



Editor: Paul Darroch

Original Music: Mark Rushbury

Visual Effects: Smudge Digital

Bands: TheBLIMP, Scunner, Miss the Occupier, 4 Past Midnight, Sam Reaver 



Combating global warming is probably the most important long-term challenge that we face today. "Good Intentions" is about an ordinary man who sets out to make a difference. However, this story does not intend to preach to anyone. Instead, it follows our protagonist's journey to do his part for the environment; presented (we hope) as an entertaining, intelligent and balanced political satire...with a touch of romance too. Something a little bit different, with a positive message...

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Good Intentions (2014)


Good Intentions: Special Edition (2016)